Shortlisted candidate for the post of Gardener (ESP)

The TashichhoDzong Garden Project under His Majesty’s Secretariat is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for the post of Gardener as detailed below.

Note: The shortlisted candidates are requested to report for the selection interview as scheduled above, failing which his/her selection will not be entertained.


Sl. NoNameGenderCID NoInterview Schedule
1Ambey TamangM11215000829 




Venue: Project Office


Date: 22/5/2018


Time: 9:30 am






2Ash Bdr. GurungM10309000045
3Barmith LepchaF11212000993
4Bhima Devi MaidhaleyF11307000390
5Bijla Singh TamangM11215000907
6Chhechu DukpaF11210001220
7Chimi WangmoF11501000726
8Choejay LhamoF11501001931
9Choni DemF10304001845
10Dawa DemaF11509004690
11Dawa Dorji TamangM11216003110
12Dawa TshomoF11513000574
13Devi Maya WaibaF20305000195
14Dhan Kumari GhalleyF11204020689
15Dorji LhamoF11201002442
16Galey ZangmoF11508000139
17Geeta Kumari SubbaF31213000274
18Hem Raj TamangM11211001948
19Jambay GyeltshenM11507001458
20Jigme WangchukM11607000252
22Karma ChodenF10710001590
23Karma TamangM21215000236
24Khem Raj GhaleyM10211000805
25Krishna Bdr. SubbaM21812000024
26Krishna Kumari GurungF10205002616
27Krishna Maya SubbaF11304000558
28Lalita RaiF11209000420
30Lhendup DorjiM10910001301
31Lungten ZangmoF11514003181
32Mangal Mith LepchaF11212000995
33Narendran GurungM11216002735
34Passang Tshering LepchaM11212001290
36Pem Bdr. TamangM11215000739 




Venue: Project Office


Date: 23/5/2018


Time: 9:30 am




38Pema ChokiF11302001626
39Pema DemaF10303001345
40Pema DemaF10713002257
41Pema Dorji TamangM21809000107
42Pema NgadonF11105000644
43Phub Dema DukpaF11210002143
44Phub GyemF10202000444
45Phuntsho LhamoF10102003045
46Phurpa LhamoF10607001128
47Pirti Maya RaiF21807000130
48Raj Kumari RaiF11307001632
49San Maya TamangF11215000743
50Sangay DemaF11104003953
51Sangay Dorji TamangM11215000909
52Sangay WangmoF11102002984
53Sarkith LepchaF11212001865
54Sherab JamtshoM11509005334
56Sonam ChokiF11701001160
57Sonam WangdiM11805002777
58Sonam YangdonF11508000183
59Suk Maya TamangF11215000528
60Surgee Maya TamangF11215000744
61Syam Maya TamangF11311001575
62Tara Kumari RaiF11213000367
63Tashi ZangmoF11105000578
64Tshering PhuntshoM11403000422
65Tshewang ChodenF11503004474
66Uttam TamangM11211000716
68Yeshi ChodenF10309000787
69Yeshi NorbuM10910000307
70Yeshi Wangchuk DrukpaM11210001899



-TashichhoDzong Garden Project.

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