Shortlisted candidate announcement

As per the announcement made in MoAF website dated 28th March’2017, CMU, Bumthang is pleased to announce the shortlisted applicants/candidates for the post of 30 Excavator Operators, 20 Backhoe Operators and one care taker (ESP) as details mentioned below:

Note: The shortlisted candidates are requested to report for the Selection Interview as scheduled above, falling which the selection will not be entertained/considered. The following documents must be produced in original during the time of interview:

  1. Duly filled in Employment application Form
  2. Valid Excavator Operator License
  3. Valid Medical Fitness Certificate original
  4. Valid Approved status report- Security Clearance
  5. Any Experience Certificate for Farm Road Construction original
  6. Please mention your other requirements also if any


S1NoName of the Candidate CID No           Interview Schedule
1Rabin Kumar Gurung21213000363Venue: CMU, Bumthang



Date: 19th to 21st April’2017



Time: 9.30am to 5pm

3Pema Gyeltshen10703002382
4Sherab Gyeltshen11506002778
6Tashi Dorji10905003532
7Sangay Penjor10302002543
8Bir Raj Rai11202001135
9Sonam Phuntsho10603002320
10Pema Dendup11513002603
11Jigme Rinzin11104002546
12Kinley Dorji10710000962
13Dawa Dorji Tamang11801000044
14Pema Dorji Tamang11801001577
15Sonam Phuntsho10602000766
17Sangay Leida10904003470
18Ran Bdr Darje10303000336
19Man Bdr Limbu11203001677
20Damber Sing Ghalley11209002492
21Janak Kumar Ghalley11209001573
22Bal Bdr Ghalley2120900207
23Mon Bdr Ghalley11209002101
24Thinley Wangdi11502001687
25Ram Kumar Raj11303002840
26Tshewang Lhendup10710001357
27Cheten Tshering11208002179
28Karma Wangchuk10710000614
30Sonam Norbu11513003674
31Tshering Tamang11208001816
32Amber Sing Ghalley11209001063
33Dhan Raj Ghalley11209001259
34Tashi Wangchuk11606002871
35Yenten Jamtsho11512003888
36Santa Kami21213000370
37Karman Ghalley11208002119
38Singay Wangchuk11801001693
39Narey Ghalley11209002002
40Tshering Dorji11607000408
42Tashi Nima10707000517
43Sonam Phuntsho10603002065
44Chimi Rinzin10704000868
45Nima Dorji12004004056
46Tshewang Thinley11101003965
47Tshering Phuntsho11705000801
48Bhakta Bdr Chhettri20201000312
49Gopal Mongar11308002061
50Nima Dorji10714001768
51Nidup Dorji11512002578
52Tika Ram Ghalley11202003218
53Dick Bir Ghalley11208001036
54Padam Bdr Gurung11304000200
55Tshering Dorji10708000593
56Tshewang Dendup11308000981
57Pema Thinley11106007931
58Kinley Tshering10203002996
59Karma Dorji Tamang11806000273
60Dhan Raj Limbo21310000025
61Namgay Wangchuk10905003345
Backhoe Operator
1Tashi Dorji10905003532
2Ram Kumar Raj11303002840
3Amber Sing Ghalley11209001063
4Anil Rai11206001709
5Thinley Dorji10607000507
6Pema Loday10711002353
7Sangay Dendup11104000601
Care Taker



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