Short-listed candidates for basic operator/dry sweeper and farm attendants, ARDC Bajo

The following applicants for the post of Basic Operator/dry sweeper and farm attendants under ESP category advertised vide No.ARDC-B/ADM-07/2016-2017/ 1392 dated May 01, 2017 have been short listed  as mentioned below.

Therefore, the selection interview shall be held on Monday, May 22, 2017 at 9.00 AM in the office of the Program Director, ARDC, Bajo, Wangduephodrang failing which the candidature will not be entertained by the HR committee of the Centre.

SlNoName of the applicant


CID. NumberGenderContact Number
1Ms. Tenzin Wangmo10602001750Female17455891
2Ms.Pema Yangdon12004001780Female17883098
3Ms. Yangdon11506002406Female17589881
4Ms. Pema Dema11907000798Female77256596
5Mr. Phuntsho11509000761Male17510365
6Ms. Lobzang Yuden11509004146Female17510365
7Ms. Dorji Choden11605000900Female17488242
8Ms.Karma Yangzom10801001977Female17301837
9Ms. Karma Lhamo11109002291Female17543604
10Mr. Chimi10801001984Male17543604
11Ms. Hari Maya Gomden30305000014Female17309051
12Mr. Kinley Penjor11401000863Male17939980
13Mr. Singye Lhamo10714000647Female17627134
14Mr. Tula Ram Bajgai11205000315Male17812454
15Ms. Norbu Zangmo11501000584Female17418366
16 Mr. Dil Kumar Mongar11801001349Female77397693
17Ms. Buddhi Maya Tamang11307000569Female 
18Ms. Tashi Deki11502000212Female17654065
19Mr. Kamal Giri11202002903Male17472221
20Ms. Januka Sanyasi11807001364Female17979569
21Ms. Suk maya Rai11807001901Female17469648
22Ms. Mon Moti  Subba10311000718Female17601524
23Ms. Leki Pema11511001407Female17631559
24Ms. Krishna Maya Rai11807000629Female17332149

-ARDC, Bajo

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