Shortlisted applicants for post of ESP

The following applicants for the post of Farm Attendants/Laboratory Attendants and tractor drivers under ESP category vide our re-announcement No.ARDC-B/ADM-07/2017-2018/2519 dated 20/03/2018 has been shortlisted on April 05, 2018 as mentioned below:

The shortlisted candidates are requested to report for the Selection Interview as scheduled above, failing which his/her selection will not be entertained. The following documents must be produced in original during the time of interview:

  1. Citizen Identity Card
  2. Valid Medical Fitness Certificate original
  3. Valid Approved Security Clearance
  4. No objection letter if employee
  5. Other Certificate of Experiences/ Excellence if any


Name of ApplicantGenderCID NumberContact


Venue and date of selection interview
1Randip Maya SubbaMale1180800175617894867 


ARDC-Bajo on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at  10.00AM







3Cheki WangmoFemale1060200104917647126
4Pasang Dolma TamangFemale1180100075877665899
5Bir Maya SubbaFemale1180799192317978153
6Changa LhamFemale1090200181317711293
7Bhudi Man LimbuMale1120300214317978153
8Tshenten LhamoFemale1150400298617320850
9Durga Maya SanyasiFemale1180700180817777043
10Birkha Moti LimbuFemale3130400003017240842
11Nima YangdenFemale1100500171977743628


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