Sharing of CSW booklet and CSWS By-Law

As you are aware, upon launching of the Civil Servants’ Welfare Scheme (CSWS) on 11th November, 2015, the RCSC has shared the CSWS By- Law and Civil Service Well-Being (CSW) pamphlet with all the agencies. However, we have made little changes in the clauses 7.3 and 14 of the By-Law. Therefore, we are sharing again the edited By-Law for your reference.

In addition, in our effort to help the HR Officers in carrying out the CWS tasks in an efficient and effective manner, we are hereby sharing the CWS Booklet which can be used as a handbook. This booklet presents the three programs in detail along with the relevant annexure and forms. Furthermore, the booklet attempts to answer some of the pressing issues, mostly pertaining to the CSWS, in the FAQs section. We believe that this section will be able to clear many doubts about the scheme as it covers the entire consultation process and have recorded all queries raised by the agencies.

Kindly find enclosed six copies each of the By-Law and the Booklet; the documents could also be downloaded at:





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