On-going JICA Joint Partnership Program on Organic Rice Production reviewed

A seminar to review the on-going JICA Joint Partnership Program on organic rice production trial with emphasis on the cultivation of rice without the usage of synthetic herbicides was held at the ARDC-Bajo on October 26.

The seminar was attended by the JICA organic rice experts, program director, rice specialist, project manager of Royal Project, Chimipang; research focal officials from ARDC-Yusipang and Bajo and officials from the National Organic Programme (NOP).  It was organised by NOP with fund from JICA.

The seminar reviewed the research findings of organic rice production in three trial areas viz, Chimakha in Paro), Tendrelthang in Thimphu) and Bajo. It also discussed the development of organic rice cultivation manual and plan of activities for 2019 and beyond. Some of the important findings presented by the researcher was that the technique introduced by the Japanese experts was effective to control the notorious weed in rice field, Potamogeton distinctus (Shochum) but do not control other aquatic weeds.  The researcher from ARDC-Yusipang reported that the technique helped in less weed pressure in the field, observed control of Shochum yearly, the plant bore more tillers and there was increase in bio-diversity in the farm.

The project ends in October 2019 but the JICA experts are anticipating for a bigger project to support organic agriculture in the country. Plans to support efficient soya oil expeller (to make organic fertilisers) and stone crusher at Chimipang through the project were discussed. Through this project promising varieties of rice, soya bean and other green manuring crops have been brought in the country for the trial. The researchers discussed to study these varieties and will be released, if found potential in our locality after completion of all the formalities.

-National Organic Programme, ARDC-Yusipang


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