Selection Result for the positions under DoA, DoFPS and BAFRA

As per the approval of 336th Human Resource Committee Meeting held on June 26, 2018, the Ministry is pleased to announce the selection result for the following positions:

Tractor/Power Tiller Driver (RDC Yusipang, DoA)
1Kezang Nima1150700198579.17SELECTED
Excavator Operator (RDC Yusipang, DoA)
1Ramesh Kumar Mongar21811000319ABSENT
2Ishor Lal Ghalley10209002482ABSENT
3Sangay Dendup11109000601ABSENT
4Kinley Wangdi1020300160981.00SELECTED
5Nar Dhoj Gurung11109003944ABSENT
6Sonam Tshering1070400105480.50STANDBY
7Padam Bdr. Ghalley1120200064072.23STANDBY
Tractor Driver (PWS, DoFPS)
1Ranjit Thara Mongar1130700078271.33SELECTED
Heavy Vehicle Driver (PWS, DoFPS)
1Chimi Dorji1150900318281.17SELECTED
Light Vehicle Driver (BAFRA)
1Singye Wangchuk1100500320173.17STANDBY
2Kuenga Wangyel1170100317780.50STANDBY
3Sonam Tobgay1050200044584.50SELECTED

The reporting date for conducting drug test and other formalities for the selected candidates will be communicated through phone call.

NOTE: The selected candidates should undergo Drug Test prior to appointment. If the selected candidate fails the Drug Test, the position shall be offered to the next candidate in order of merit ranking.


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