Selection result announcement for nursery caretaker & sweeper/night guard

As per the selection interview held on 7th July, 2018 .The Divisional Forest Office-Bumthang is pleased to announce the selected candidates for the post of Nursery Caretaker and Sweeper/Night Guard (ESP) as detailed mentioned below:

Sl: No Name of Applicants CID No: Appointment place of  Posting Remarks
1. Pema Lhamo 10101004415  

Nursery Caretaker at Division HQ, Bumthang

2. Tshoki Lhamo 10104001568 Not selected
3. Sonam Choden Drukpa 11206000777 Not selected
4. Leki Wangmo 12004002928 Sweeper/Night Guard, DFMU Selected
5. Isu  Maya Ghalley 11213002903 Sweeper/Night Guard under Bumthang Range Office Selected
6. Dawa Tshering 11705000383 Sweeper/Night Guard, CFMU, Trongsa Selected
7. Chandra Maya Mongar 11702001571 Sweeper/Night Guard, RFMU, Tang Selected

The selected candidates should undergo Drug Test prior to appointment. If the candidate fails the Drug Test, the position shall be offered to the next stand by candidates in order of merit ranking.

 The above selected Candidate are asked to report to Divisional Forest Office-Bumthang on 9th August,2018 for further process for drug test report as per Section 4.11.2 Chapter 4, BCSR,2018 and submit to HRD, Ministry of agriculture for further appointment.


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