Selection Result announcement for ESP

As per selection interview held on 14th November, 2019, Samtse Forest Division office is pleased to announce the selected candidates for the post of Sweeper/Night Guard (ESP) as details below:

S1.#Name of the Candidate CIDAverage marks obtainedStatus
1Sangita Uraon1120800136754.33
2Susma Uraon1180800139958.50Stand by
3Kharka Bdr. Ghalley1121300196254.83
4Rinchen Zangmo1110200543077.17Selected
5Anju Pradhan1120300414746.33
6San Bir Rai2121500005148.67
7Dal Bahadur Ghalley1120200099370.00Selected
8Tshering Choidhen1200300029069.67Stand by
9Dina Nath Sharma1120200118957.33
10Rinchen Dema1110200238767.00Stand by
11Kharkila Ghalley1120900014643.00
12Nishan Gurung1120200027378.17Selected

The selected candidates are requested to report Divisional Forest Office, Samtse on 22nd. November, 2019 for further process of drug test and to complete other HR formalities.

-Samtse Forest Division

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