Selection Interview Results

The Ministry is pleased to declare the results of the selection interview held on 14 June 23, 2017 for the following:

Post Announced         : Laboratory Assistant (S5 A)

No. of Slots                 : 1

Agency                        : SPAL, National Soil Services Centre (NSSC), Department of

Agriculture, Simtokha


Sl. No Name of the candidate CID No. Viva Voce-A Academic (class XII Marks)-B Total [Average: (A+B)/2] Remarks
1 Karma Choden 11312002865 81.13 53.60 67.37 Selected
2 Kelzang Dorji 11102004653 69.27 48.4 58.83 Not Selected
3 Ngawang Dorji 11104003438 72.77 54.4 63.58 Not Selected
4 Leki Thinley 12005001263 Absent
5 Tandin Tshewang 11606002383 Absent
6 Tandin Wangmo 11516001843 Absent


The selected candidate is requested to report to the Human Resource Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests on 26th June 2017 at 10:00 AM for briefing and completing HR formalities.

For further inquiry please contact 02-332510.


-Human Resource Division, MoAF

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