Selection interview results announcement

As per the announcement made in Druk Yoedzer vide letter no. 3(3)DoL/CRC/W/2017-18/283, dated 15 November 2017, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests’ website vide our letter no.3(3)DoL/CRC/W/2017-18/283, dated 15 November & 321 dated 1 December 2017, the management of Regional Cattle Research Farm, Wangkha, Chukha, under the Department of Livestock is pleased to announce the selection interview results for the post of Animal Attendants (ESP) and Pasture Attendants (ESP) held on 8 December 2017 at RCRF, Wangkha, Chukha as detailed below.

The selected candidate should report to the office of the Farm Manager, RCRF, Wangkha immediately for further completion of formalities & forwarding of necessary documents to the HRD, MoAF, Thimphu for necessary appointment.

Title of the Post: Animal and Pasture Attendants,    Number of Posts:   8,         Place of Posting: RCRF, Wangkha,
Sl. NoName of the CandidatesCID No.Interview IInterview IIInterview IIIInterview IVInterview VViva Voce 100%Remarks
1Jak Bahadur Rai1120400248480. for AA
2Kinga1020500154565. Selected
3Sumitra Rai1120600507184. for AA
4Bhima Devi Rai1120600507586. for AA
5Sonam Rinchen1151200121974. for AA
6Tshewang Zangmo10709004377000000Absent
7Tika Ram Subba21216000560000000Absent
8Leki Wangchuk11108000231000000Absent
9Bishnu Maya Chuwan20304000116000000Absent
10Som Maya Rai11205001588000000Absent
11Sherab Wangdi11108000233000000Absent
12Tshering Dema11106004698000000Absent
13Karna Bahadur Gurung1121200031479. for PA
14Mangal Singh Gurung112120003660.
15Shangkal Gurung1121200194583. for PA
16Shanta Maya Gurung112120019380.
17Sher Bahadur Gurung1121300330077. for PA
18Kalpana Rai1120600509284. for PA
19Sarsati Ghalley112130033280.
20Harka Bahadur Gurung102050054520.
21Kamala Devi Chhetri102050033000.
22Tshering Zam1020500154768. selected
23Sarasati Devi Gurung113090018630.
24Indra Maya Chhetri102110009250.
25Mukta Dhungana118030018970.


Note: AA = Animal Attendants, PA= Pasture Attendants.


-RCRF, Wangkha, Chhukha.

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