Selection interview result for Driver III (Tractor & Power Tiller Operator)

Selection interview results of Driver III (Tractor & Power Tiller Operator) as below;

Interview Date: 20th December 2018
Venue: RDC Wengkhar, Mongar
Department/Agency: RDC Wengkhar, Department of Agriculture
Sl. NoNameCIDMarks ObtainedRemarks
1Sangay Dorji1070900437578.60Selected as Driver (Tractor)
2Yeshi Rinzin1070900360277.32Selected as Driver (Tractor)
3Tashi Dorji1150100244171.14Selected as Driver (Tractor)
4Tom Nath Rizal1110900273571.74Selected as Driver (Tractor)
5Karma Tshering1060800098676.52Selected as Driver (Power Tiller)
6Pema Wangdi1070600259582.37Selected as Driver (Power Tiller)
7Sanga1071400132875.04Selected as Driver (Power Tiller)
8Kinzang Dorji1071400139675.90Selected as Driver (Power Tiller)
9Ram Kumar Chhetri1131100023472.00Selected as Driver (Power Tiller)


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