Selected candidates for Admin Assistant

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the selection interview result for the post of Admin Asst. held on 22nd August, 2019 at MoAF Conference Hall as detailed below:


Sl. NoNameEID No.Position Title Marks ObtainedRemarks
Admin Asst.(DAMC, Thimphu)
1Chechey200508011Admin. Asst.III75.502nd stand by
2Phub Wangmo200810006Admin. Asst.IIABSENT
3Karma8609022Sr.Admin. Asst.VABSENT
4Deki200812015Admin. Asst.II71.003rd stand by
5Sonam Dema200207014Sr.Admin.Asst.79.83Selected
6Tshering Yangzom2007073Sr.Personal Asst.IV69.67
7Wangmo20120900781Personal Asst.II70.17
8Cheki Wangchuk200307440Sr.Admin.Asst.VABSENT
9Tshering Dema20130602183Admin.Asst.II77.171st stand by
Admin Asst.(Wangdue Division, DoFPS)
10Sangay Lhamu8812089Sr. Personal Asst. IV73.50Selected
11Kinzang Choden9601104Sr. Admin. Asst. V69.67Stand by



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