Seized timber auction notice

The Divisional Forest Office is pleased to announce the date and Venue for auction of following seized Timber approx. of 3,460.54 cft. of mixed conifer and sawn timber.

SL: No.Particulars Volume (Cft)


Venue DateTime
1.Mixed Conifer (MC) logs2870.94Chumey Range Office, Bumthang26th Febuary,2019 

9:30 Am

2.Sawn Timber589.60Chumey Range Office, Bumthang26th Febuary,2019

Therefore interested parties/customers including wood based industries are requested to attend the action on above date. For further details, interested customer may contact the Chumey Range Officer at Tel#.03-641205/17264127 or contact Division HQ, Bumthang at Tel# 03-631182 during office hours.

-Bumthang Division, DoFPS

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