SAP promotes urban school gardening

Focal Teachers attending the practical session 

To promote the school agriculture programme (SAP), 23 school teachers from 19 schools of Thimphu Thromde were trained on urban agriculture gardening concept and skill development.

Gardening skills are equally important in urban schools as most of the urban school dwellers never get an opportunity to feel and play with soil. Many students of urban schools may land up going back to communities in the long run. Thus, we need to provide equal opportunity of agriculture education to urban schools.

Considering the importance, SAP organised the three day training from July 12-14 at the ARDC Yusipang with both theory and practical sessions. The training equipped the focal teachers with basic skills to develop a vegetable, herbal and flower gardens along with container gardening, flower arrangements, compost making and to use effective microorganisms in organic farming. Participants were also educated on how to administer SAP at school level. They were awarded certificates by the Department of Agriculture to function as Focal Agriculture Teacher in their respective schools.

Submitted by School Agriculture Programme

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