SAP Literary and Poster Competition-2018

School Agriculture Programme (SAP), coordinated by Department of Agriculture (DoA), MoAF and Department of School Education (DSE), MoE is pleased to announce the Literary and Poster Competition for SAP Schools.

Focal Agriculture Teacher (FAT)Concept Paper (in English): Rice FortificationWords not more than 2500.

Hand written in A4 paper.

HSS Level    (Class XI-XII)Essay (in English): A Zero Hunger World by 2030 is PossibleWords not more than 2000.

Hand written in A4 paper.

MSS Level     (Class IX-X)Essay (in English): Youth & AgricultureWords not more than 2000.

Hand written in A4 paper.

LSS Level

(Class VII-VIII)

Essay (in English): Life of a True FarmerWords not more than 1500.

Hand written in A4 paper.

Primary Level (Class IV-VI)Poster: Draw Four Food GroupsHand written in A4 paper.

Colouring is optional.

Pre-Primary Level           (Class PP-III)Poster: Draw Your Three favourite vegetablesHand written in A4 paper.

Colouring is optional.

Terms and Conditions: Both Essays and Posters should be hand written in A4 paper with clear address (name, class and school, contact details written at the back of the paper).

Interested schools are requested to send only the best 3 articles for each category. The articles or entries should be submitted on or before 14th September, 2018. The winners will be announced on 16th October, 2018 coinciding with the World Food Day and awarded with Cash Prizes & Certificate. The articles or entries can be sent either through post address to SAP Coordinator, Agriculture Production Division, DoA, MoAF or Fax (02-322184) or email to For any inquiry, contact at 17607471 or 16902410 during office hours.


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