Sanam Lyonpo visits Samar and Eusu gewogs

Haa: The Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo, Yeshey Penjor visited the high altitude paddy trial field at Samar and protected cultivation (green house) site at Eusu on July 23.

 Jakar Rey Naab, a cold tolerant paddy variety which matures early is cultivated in 0.70 acres of land in Balamna, Samar gewog as per the technical recommendation starting from 2016. Balamna is at 2600 masl. Khangma Maap variety which was first tried at the site did not do well due to susceptibility to blast disease.

In 2018, Jakar Rey Naab cultivated in 1.2 acres produced 1863.00 kgs of rice. According to experts, the yield potential of this variety is around 600-2400kg/acre. The experts suggest that nursery raising for Jakar Rey Naab should be done before February 20, transplanting in second to last week of April and harvesting in October.

Considering the experience, it is recommended that promotion of high altitude paddy cultivation should be strictly interest based and for households with adequate land holdings and farm labours, and nursery should be raised in green house to avoid frost. Further, electric fencing, seeds input and capacity building of farmers on rice cultivation and management are recommended for a successful crop production.

Lyonpo later visited a protected cultivation (green house) belonging to a farmer, Pem at Tshaphel installed during 2013-2014.

There are around 188 nos. of green houses in Haa with 85 households growing tomatoes. A total of Nu. 14.56 M was generated from selling vegetables such as potato, beans, beetroot, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, chilli, pea and radish in 2018 as per the Food Corporation of Bhutan record.

In order to ensure vegetable production, two vegetable production groups have been formed in Samar and Eusu gewogs with support from the Food Security and Agriculture Productivity project. The Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector is now planning to supply timely vegetable seeds, micro-irrigation facilities to the green house owners and provide free seeds to farmers interested to cultivate vegetables in more than 20 decimal lands. 


-ICTD with inputs and photo from Karchung, Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector, Haa

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