Sanam Lyonpo visits eight chiwogs of Trongsa


The Hon’ble  Sanam Lyonpo, Yeshey Penjor visited the eight chiwogs of Nubi and Tangsibje gewogs, Trongsa from 1-12 January. On 2-4 January, Lyonpo discussed about the organic farming development with people of Bjee and Chela chiwogs at Phantang village.

On the following day, Lyonpo with officials from the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement, Dzongkhag and gewog administrations visited the proposed sites of Tangsibje-Kella farm road and bridge. The team explored the most feasible take-off and terminal points for the proposed roads and the ideal location for the required bridges.

At present, Tangsibje and Kella villages located on either side of the Nikachu is connected by Wangdue-Trongsa and Trongsa-Gelephu national highways respectively. The villages remain separated due to the absence of road from Tangsibje-Kella village with the needs of two bridges over Nikachu and Drachugang river. To go to other village, one has to travel via Trongsa town following the highway.

The proposed road will directly connect Tangsibje with Kella, besides connecting the intermediate village, Dempa. It will also shorten the road length for the travelers from Wangdue-Trongsa highway at Tangsibje to Langthel. The road could also be an alternative route to travel Gelephu without having to reach Trongsa town.

On 8 January, Lyonpo visited Sembji-Gagar road realignment sites under Nubi. The road connecting to Karshong village (36 km) ascends with eight numbers of hairpin bends and descends with four numbers of hairpin bends above Gagar village. This has made the road length longer for which the realignment has been proposed.

On the same day,  Lyonpo visited Mangdiphu, Jongthang, Karshong and Gagar villages at upper Nubi. At Mangdiphu, the only village in Nubi without electricity, Lyonpo reassured that Government would be electrifying the village soon for which the people expressed their gratitude to His Majesty The King and the government.

At Jongthang, Lyonpo stressed the need of ecotourism development in the valley with support from the Wangchuck Centennial National Park (WNCP). He also reminded that WCNP should revamp the old traditional trails including the Sephu to Mangdiphu, Dhur hotspring and Jongthang to Dhur trails with sound business management plans. He also discussed on handing over of these trails management and scarce natural resources to the people.

On 9 January, Lyonpo met with people of Karshong-Gagar chiwog. He specifically mentioned that with support from the agriculture sector using the land development machine, all the fallow land should be developed for the cultivation purposes. Lyonpo also assured that the farm road condition will improve so that the agriculture and livestock producers will be able to reach the market.  He emphasizes that the Ministry will support in the establishment of the milk processing unit within the chiwog for the enhancement people’s livelihood.

On 10 January, Lyonpo met officials from the Dzongkhag Administration and regional heads of Trongsa to discuss the on-going 12th FYP activities and budgets at various chiwogs and gewogs.

On 12 January, Lyonpo met with people of Nyala Drangla and Chendibji chiwogs, Tangsibji.

-Compiled by ICTD

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