Royal Civil Service Award 2014

The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests (MoAF) is honored and privileged to receive the medals and certificate of appreciation from His Majesty the King through the Royal Civil Service Commission to implement the Royal Civil Service Award 2014.

Towards this noble end, to use the occasion to rededicate the loyalty and service from the civil servants to the Tsa-Wa Sum, the medals/certificate are being programmed to be formally handed over on 12 December 2014 at the MoAF Conference Hall at 10.00 a.m.

Therefore, the Heads of the Departments/Divisions are required to receive the Medals and Certificate in person and attend the ceremony mandatorily. The concerned departments should also inform the heads of the regional offices under the respective departments to receive the medals and certificate on behalf of the offices.

Therefore, all are requested to attend the ceremony without fail. The programme for the ceremony is given below:



10.00 a.mMedal recipients of Ministry/Departments and Representatives/Heads from Regional Offices to be seated


10.20 a.mMarchang Ceremony


10.30 a.mSolja Desi


10.45 a.mAddress by Hon’ble Secretary


11.00 a.mBriefing on the distribution of Medals/certificates by Khampa Tshering, Chief HR Officer  to the recipients of Ministry/Departments  and Representatives/Heads from Regional Offices
11.10 a.mHon’ble Secretary hands over the Awards to the recipients of Lifetime Service Award (those who have superannuated in the past 25 years)
11.50 a.mHon’ble Secretary hands over the Awards to the recipients of Royal Civil Service Award under Ministry/Departments & Representative from Regional Offices

Submitted by: Human Resource Division

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