RMS towards land livestock economy and entrepreneurship development

RMS stakeholders met on July 21 to discuss the work plan for 2019

The Department of Agriculture and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) have signed a letter of agreement to implement the project titled, Resilient Mountain Solutions (RMS) in Bhutan.

RMS is an ICIMOD’s new initiative that tests simple and affordable resilience-building tools and approaches that community members in rural parts of the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) can replicate. Its overall goal is to enhance the resilience of women and men in the HKH to socio-economic and environmental changes including climate change.

RMS in Bhutan will mainly focus on two areas including the land livestock economy in the high mountains and entrepreneurship development on agro and natural resource based enterprises that are aligned with the 12th five year plan of Bhutan’s RNR Sector and flagship programmes.

As a part of the project pilot site, Haa Dzongkhag has been identified for innovation in high altitude environment particularly with yak systems. RMS intends to promote access to knowledge, assets and inputs to small farmers through interventions on highland development supporting organic agriculture and strengthening institutional capacity of farmer groups and cooperatives. The experience and knowledge from such interventions can be shared regionally to benefit yak communicates in Nepal, India and other HKH regions.

The Agriculture Research and Development Centre-Yusipang is the project implementing agency under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and is mandated to generate and adapt agricultural technologies jointly with relevant stakeholders. RMS will also spearhead the development of cottage and small industry (CSI) in collaboration with the Department of CSI, Bhutan.

The project period is for 2 years 10 months (March 2019-December 2021) during which, it will promote organic farming and gender friendly technologies, facilitates product development and diversification and support women entrepreneurship among others.



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