Result of the Shortlisted Candidates

The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to announce the result of the shortlisted candidates for the post of Gardener (ESP), Tashichhodzong:

The following documents in original should be produced during the time of interview:

  1. Valid Medical Fitness Certificate original
  2. Valid approved status report-Security Clearance
  3. Citizenship ID Card
  4. Extracurricular Certificates/Academic Excellence or any other relevant certificates if any

For any queries contact Human Resource Officer at 02-332500/17506077


Sl.NoNameCIDInterview Schedule
1Gambir Man Gurung11213000506 













Date: 31/08/2017


Time: 9:00 AM


Venue: HRD Conference Hall

3Rinchen Tshomo11812001141
4Sangay Dema11104003953
5Karna Maya Rai11309000808
6Bungmati Rai10201001758
7Lungten Pelmo10902002003
8Pasang Dem11404000085
9Phurba Wangmo11513003116
10Tshering Chozom11303003034
11Sangay Wangmo11608003882
13Yeshi Lepcha11212003891
15Yedan Dema11111000392
17Tashi Wangmo11111000618
18Dagay Lepcha11212001064
19Dawa Lham10205002096
20Geeta Kumari Subba31213000274
21Sarkith Lepcha11212001865
22Lungten Zangmo11514003181
23Choki Zangmo11514003183
24Pema Choden11509004789
25Tshering Wangchuk11605001647 












Date: 01/09/2017


Time: 9:00 AM


Venue: HRD Conference Hall

27Tashi Dema11605001709
28Madhu Maya Mongar11801001195
29Meera Chhetri11804000554
30Pema Karma Sherpa21207000062
31Chelu Sherpa11207002078
32Bhakta Bdr. Chawan1030400799
33Leki Choden10707000692
34Norbu Tshering11512001189
35Krishna Lal Dangal11303001036
36Phul Maya Chhetri11311001099
37Ganga Maya Adhikari11801000704
38Bir Maya Jimba10308002134
39Dawa Tshering10905004664
40Ugyen Pemo11702000111
41Sangay Choden11702000112
42Thagindar Ghalley11204003754
43Indra Maya Ghalley11209001073
44Norbu Lhamo11105000651
45Sonam Zangmo11105000666



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