Rescue of a Himalayan Black Bear from Chapcha

Freeing iron snare from Bear

The Range office in Chapcha, Chukha Dzongkhag received a call from villagers on the trapped black bear. Immediately, a team from Wildlife Rescue and Animal Section of Wildlife Conservation Division rushed towards Chapcha. The two plus year old female Himalayan Black Bear was trapped in the snare set for the wild pig in the maize field of Ap. Passang of Chapcha Tanapangkha. According to Ap. Passang the snare was set mainly to trap the frustrating wild pig that damages his good yielding maize every night, bringing his one year hard work in vain. But he said that it was unfortunate for the two years old female bear to get trapped in the snare.

The bear was tranquilized immediately with the 0.5 ml of captivon to reduce the stress of being in the snare for more than an hour and also to avoid fear from the human crowd. The detail measurement of the body and the body parts of bear were taken and recorded accordingly for official and future purposes. The female was Himalayan Black Bear of approximately 2 plus year. She was 116 cm long weighing of almost 62 kilograms.

We also extracted the sample of blood and parasites like teak for further laboratory test. The bear was examined if it required further treatments. Since there were no physical injuries, and finding her fit and very active the bear was transferred in iron create after giving the revival of 2 ml of Trexnol. The approximately 2 year old Himalayan black bear was later relocated back to her natural habitat.



Submitted by  Wildlife Rescue and Animal Health Section, Taba, DoFPS

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