Requisition for SVP and JOCV

JICA-logoThis has reference to No. RCSC/HRMD/Vol-SVP/JOCV/2014/1247 dated 10 April, 2014 regarding the requisition for Senior Volunteers under Senior Volunteer Programme (SVP) and Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JOCV) for the Autumn Recruitment 2014.

In the event, the service of Senior Volunteers and JOCVs are required, kindly fill up the standard request forms available on the RCSC website and forward the same to the Human Resource Division latest by  26 May, 2014 for submission to the Royal Civil Service Commission.  Also please note the following:

  1. Senior Volunteer request forms and JOCV request forms are different and are required to be filled respectively as per the needs;
  2. All Dzongkhag requests have to be routed through the Parent Ministries;
  3. Incomplete and wrongly filled forms shall not be entertained;
  4. The requisition (s) that is/are in pipeline (attached) need not be submitted again;
  5. Nomination of a full time qualified counterpart to work with the volunteer and please avoid frequent changes in the counterpart;
  6. Any request (s) made directly to the office of JICA Bhutan will not be endorsed.


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