Requisition for Australian Volunteers for the 2014 Recruitment

This is with regard to Requisition for Australian Volunteers for the 2014 recruitment and to be dispatched in October, 2014.

Please note the following:

The requisition form can be downloaded from the RCSC website at

1. Incomplete and wrongly filled forms shall not be entertained;
2. The requisition (s) that is/are in pipeline (attached) need not be submitted again;
3. Nomination of a full time qualified counterpart to work with the volunteer and please avoid frequent changes in the counterpart;
4. Any request (s) made directly to the AVID – Bhutan Country Office will not be endorsed.

Therefore, all are requested to submit the requisition of above volunteers to the Human Resource Division latest by 3 April, 2014 for submission to the Royal Civil Service Commission.


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