Remote Rural Community Development Project for Rural Bhutanese in Haa

haa121 February 2014, Sektena, Haa: A Nursery Raising cum Management Training was imparted to the Community Forest Management Group (CFMG) beneficiaries of 27 households which formed the members of Sektena CF in Sektena Chewog. The training was held from 21 February to 24 February. It was supported by the World Bank. It was a pure practical training.

This second phase (2013-2014) of the RRCDP finally reached one of the remotest villages of Sektena under Gakiling geog in Haa District. It is officially a 3 day walk from the district headquarters in Haa. This project focuses on existing Community Forest Management Groups (CFMGs) on a cost sharing mechanism. The beneficiary contributions from the CFMGs are mostly in terms of labour contribution where it actually exceeds the amount contributed by the project.

The Annual Work Plan of the project comprise of establishment and management of forest nurseries at various remote locations of Sektena in Gakiling gewog, Mochu and Sombey Ama in Sombeykha gewog respectively. In addition to this, nursery tools were supplied to the CFMGs for timely management of nursery work as well.

haa2The Nursery site was selected in a private dry land upon agreement drawn between a Mr. Pushpa Lal Rai and the Forestry sector. The gentle sloppy land was leveled. Then a green house shade was constructed with help of bamboo, poles and green polythene materials as roof and walls. The green house was well fenced with wooden posts and poles all around in order to protect from cattle tress passing. Fine soil was sieved through wire mesh, filled in the poly pots and various types of forest seeds were sown.

The objectives were stated to be to share knowledge and experience on nursery raising technique; to supply quality seedlings to Sektena CF, School and Community for plantation; to make availability of fast growing, fodder and commercial value tree species; to avoid damage of seedlings to be transplanted to distant locality all the way from Haa and to enhance good growth and survival percent of seedlings raise in the locality.

In total, sown seeds included 163 walnut seeds, 249 Pinus wallichiana seeds, 190 Gmelina arborea seeds, 143 wild mangifera indica seeds, 1000 Cupressus corneyana seeds, 107Acacia catechu seeds and 670 Tectona grandis seeds in poly pots. A total of 1622 nos. of poly potted seeds were sown.

haa3According to the Dzongkhag Forestry Officer the four days training was quite hard while working with mud from morning till evening. However in the end a green house nursery shade was constructed. All went well and ended successfully. Nursery management guidance was provided by Dzongkhag Forestry Staff and the Dzongkhag Nursery Caretaker will be sent to deliver technical assistance whenever the need arose. It will be monitored closely for the success of the performance of the seeds sown. The Dzongkhag Forestry Sector is anticipating a good quality nursery seedlings outcome in the years ahead.

– Submitted by Dzongkhag Forestry Officer, Haa

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