Release of Bhutanese Journal of Agriculture (BJA) Volume III, Issue I (2020)

The Department of Agriculture released the third volume of the Bhutanese Journal of Agriculture (BJA), Issue 1. The Department would like to thank all the authors, reviewers and the editorial board members for their valuable contribution and for putting in extra effort to publish this edition successfully.

This edition comprises thirteen technical papers that range from soil loss prediction using Universal Soil Loss Equitation (RUSLE) to spawn contamination causing significant impact on wood log shiitake cultivation, determination of starch content in green maize cobs to evaluation of high density polyethylene as alternative to wooden poles in electric fence and farmers’ knowledge on agrochemicals and their use to cite a few.

The department takes pride in noting that the BJA has made significant inroads into not only motivating our researchers and field colleagues in sustaining a vibrant culture of research, but also in recognizing scientific communication as a key to success in research for agriculture development.

The journal is published by the Agriculture Research and Extension Division (ARED), Department of Agriculture. The open access to BJA is now available at and the print copy will be shared to all relevant agencies and institutions.

We wish you a happy reading!


For details of the journal visit:

Agriculture Research and Extension Division

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