Registration and Microchipping of Pet Dogs

The Department of Livestock is pleased to announce that all pet dogs shall be digitally registered and identified through the use of microchip in collaboration with De-Suung Office, Thimphu Thromde and Dzongkhag Administration, Thimphu for the first time in the country from 11th October to 16th October,2021.

This is in accordance with the The Livestock Act, 2001 of The Kingdom of Bhutan, Chapter IX, Section 20.2, “all the pets must be registered, identified, and vaccinated against rabies or other diseases following the rules prescribed by the Ministry”. Therefore, pet registration and identification are mandatory by Law.

A microchip is a radio frequency device and it is implanted under the skin preferably on the neck fold of pet for identification purpose. It is a modern technology which has unique identification code and ensures permanent identification of each pet dog. The pet details shall be entered in central pet registry database. This is an effort to ensure responsible pet ownership in all pet owners.

 A new registration card and microchip shall be issued free of cost during the time of campaign. Any registration and microchipping after the campaign will be charged.

The recent pet dog census revealed there are 7370 pet dogs in Thimphu.

The Department of Livestock solicits full cooperation from all pet owners for achieving intended goal.

All pet owners are requested to bring their pets to the nearest designated registration points as detailed below. Please bring along your Citizenship Identification card/Resident permit/Pet registration card.

Date Team Registration Points
11th OctoberTeam 1 (Dangreyna areas)Open GYM ground

(near Tagoshing)-below 3 Mani Dungkhor

11th OctoberTeam 2 (RBG & Satellite town)RBG main campus & Satellite town
11th OctoberTeam 3 (Lower Taba areas)Behind vegetable market and above MP futsal ground and Zhidey Homes.
11th OctoberTeam 4 (upper Taba areas)Near police station (Mini Dungkhor park)
11th OctoberTeam 5 (Lanjophakha areas)Lower Lanjophaka (river side) opposite to cremation ground -near sewerage plant (new labour camp)
11th OctoberTeam 6 (Juzhina and Pamtsho areas)Near vegetable market (Juzhina)
11th OctoberTeam 7 (Babena and Samtenling areas)Hejo Park

(near vegetable market)

11th OctoberTeam 8 (mobile team)Areas to cover:

§  Zilukha

§  Kawajangsa

§  RAPA areas

§  Labour camp

12th OctoberTeam 1 (Upper Motithang)Sangaygang junction (opposite to Lhengye Densa)
12th OctoberTeam 2 (Lower Motithang)Ozone Park (below National Veterinary Hospital)
12th OctoberTeam 3 (Changangkha areas)Eco park (above YDY)
12th OctoberTeam 4 (Norzin lam Ta)Thai Pavilion

(Thai temple area)

12th OctoberTeam 5 (Norzin lam wog)Old veterinary hospital

(below BOB office, Chubachu)

12th OctoberTeam 6 (Changzamtog & Changbandu areas)below fly over bridge

(Express way side-Park)

12th OctoberTeam 7 (Kala bazar-Buddha point)Near Druk school

(Parking side)

12th OctoberTeam 8 (RBP HQ)RBP HQ and mobile
13th OctoberTeam 1 (Changjiji-Samazingkha)Changjiji Flu clinic ground
13th OctoberTeam 2 (Olakha-Changjalu)Park (Between Central Plaza and Asha Bakery)
13th OctoberTeam 3 (Simtokha -Dochula areas)RIM ground
13th OctoberTeam 4(Simtokha Dzong)Simtokha Dzong parking
13th OctoberTeam 5 (Workshob-Babesa-STCBL)New Thromde ECCD

(opposite to Bhutan Stone Aggregate Factory office and opposite to T Bank ATM- NANA building)

13th OctoberTeam 6 (Babesa Duejong to Zero)Behind Village Restaurant
13th OctoberTeam 7 (RBA HQ and arm forces areas)RBA HQ
13th OctoberTeam 8 (Lubding areas)Lubding and mobile
14th OctoberTeam 1 (E4 areas)Aum Kuenga Zam ground (Above Dantak)
14th OctoberTeam 2 (Wangchutaba-IT park areas)Wangchutaba play ground
14th OctoberTeam 3 (Serbithang areas)Near NCAH (livestock) staff quarter ground
14th OctoberTeam 4, 5, 6,7 & 8Kawang Geog
15th OctoberTeam 1, 2,3,Genyen Geog
15th OctoberTeam 4, 5,6,7 & 8Maedwang Geog
16th OctoberTeam 1,2,3,4Chang Geog
16th OctoberTeam 5National Veterinary Hospital, Motithang
16th OctoberTeam 6 & 7Dakarla Geog
16th OctoberTeam 8 (mobile)Combing (priority and restricted areas-Embassy)


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