Quotations invited for two week Dzongkha Training on Official Correspondence with Unicode

Terms and Conditions for conducting two week Dzongkha Training on Official Correspondence with Unicode at Phuentsholing

  1. The invitation of bid is open to all licensed Dzongkha institutes in Phuentsholing registered under the Department of Occupational Standards of the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources of the Royal Government of Bhutan. The Bidders must submit a copy of their valid license registered and recognised with the Dzongkha Development Commission for the specific training institute they bid for. The bids without valid licenses for the said institute shall be subject to rejection.
  1. The bidding training institute will have a minimum requirement computer lab for at least 20 personnel with qualified resource persons.

  1. The winning institute shall be given a two week Dzongkha Training as per the course contents attached for 20 officials from various agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Thimphu (MoAF). Only Institutes from Phuentsholing may bid for the training.
  1. Course Fees quoted by the Institutes shall be quoted in Ngultrum for the whole package and the winning bid cannot be amended once awarded. The course contents can be downloaded from the MoAF website.
  1. The quotation should be submitted to the Dy. Chief Procurement Officer, Procurement Section, Administration & Finance Division, MoAF, Thimphu in sealed envelopes.
  1. The successful bidder will be notified and issued a supply order on the same day of tender opening.
  1. In case the suppliers fail to meet the conditions within the given time frame the security deposit shall be forfeited.
  1. The tax clearance certificate issued by the Regional Revenue & Customs office should be attached with the bidding document;
  1. 2% from the actual amount of payment shall be deducted as TDS at the time of settlement of payment;
  1. The Sealed quotation which should be submitted to the Procurement Section AFD, on or before 30 March, 2015 at 12 PM and will be opened and awarded on the same day.
  1. In the event of disputes over any issues not covered by the above terms & conditions, the Financial Manual of the Goods Procurement and Procurement Rules of the Ministry of Finance shall be referred to and its contents to the situation shall be consideration bidding.


Please click here for Dzongkha detailed letter


Singye Wangmo                                         Karma Gyeltshen
Program Director, ICS,                                Dy. Chief Procurement Officer,
ICS, MoAF                                                   Procurement  Section, AFD, MoAF



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