Quotation for Air tickets

Sealed quotation for air tickets are invited as per the following details:

1. Paro to Hydrabad Sector  for 9 Paxes

10/12/2014  Paro to Delhi
13/12/2014 Delhi to Hydrabad (by Budget airline Indigo/GoGo)

18/12/2014 Hydrabad to Paro


 OR from India by Budget airline Indigo/GoGo)


10/12/2014  Bagdogra to Delhi
13/13/2014 Delhi to Hydrabad (Indigo/GoGo)
18/12/2014 Hydrabad to Bagdogra


2. Paro to Katmandu Sector for 10 Paxes

1/2/2015  Paro to Katmandu
10/3/2015 Katmandu to Paro

 Conditions: The rates should be submitted to Director General, CoRRB MoAF on or before 27th November 2014.


 -SAP, CoRRB, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests

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