Quotation call for airfare

The EU-TCP, Policy and planning Division,  Ministry of Agriculture & Forest invites sealed bids from interested national travel/ticketing agents having valid license. The detail information regarding the terms and condition can be downloaded at free of cost or may be collected from EUTCP, PPD, MoAF.

The Sealed quotation must be submitted in hard copy on or before 16/8/2018 by11.00 AM and the same will be opened on the same day at 11.30 AM (BST) in presence of the interested bidders or their representative in the chamber of the Imprest Administrator, MoAF/Procurement section. The preference shall be given to the bidder offering the cheapest and the most direct route with confirmed booking on the specified date of travel.

The detail is as follow. For further information, contact ( PPD EU -TCP) at 323749/16909020


  1. The Quotation details:
DateFromToClassNo PaxName
2/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy81. Tenzin Wangmo
10/9/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Karma Pelden
11/9/2018BKKParo3. Kezang Dema
4. Sonam Rinchen
5. Pem Zam
6. Dophu Zangmo
7. Phuntsho Wangdi
8. Yonten Jamtsho
2/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy171. Dzeko Dukpa
17/9/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Tashi Dorji
18/9/2018BKKParo3. Sonam Yonten
4. Yeshey Wangchuk
5. Dorji Lhamo
6. Yeshey Lhamo
7. Dorji Lethro
8. Norbu Gyeltshen
9. Singye Wangdi
10. Kinley Rabgay
11. Dechen Dema
12. Bhim Bahadur Subba
13. Ugyen Peljor
14. Jigme
15. Sonam Dendup
16. Nidup Tshomo
17. Khandu Wangchuk
2/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy41. Wangchuk
17/9/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Sangay Dorji
18/9/2018BKKParo3. Ugyen Dorji
4. Khem Nath Rizal
2/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy41. Tenzin Wangdi
17/9/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Tsheten
18/9/2018BKKParo3. Dawa Zangpo
4. Karma Jamtsho
9/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy41. Pema Wangda
24/9/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Sonam Penjor
25/9/2018BKKParo3. Thinley Yangzom
4. Rinchen Dorji
9/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy41. Karma Tenzin
11/10/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Tenzin Wangchuk
12/10/2018BKKParo3. Sherub Chozom
4. Tshewang Norbu
12/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy141. Sherab Jamtsho
20/9/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Bikash Tirwa
21/9/2018BKKParo3. Rinchen Dorji
4. Tenzin Choeda
5. Zangmo
6. Dema Tshering
7. Dorji Tshomo
8. Chhimi Dem
9. Prabhu N Pradhan
10. Karma Wangchuk
11. Ugyen Drukpa
12. Jochu Drukpa
13. Chhophel
14. Gyeltshen
12/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy21. Mohan Raj Gurung
20/9/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Yub Raj Giri
12/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy31. Tashi Jamtsho
27/9/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Santi Kumari Sunar
28/9/2018BKKParo3. Norbu Wangdi
12/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy31. Tshering Samdrup
27/9/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Golo Tshering
28/9/2018BKKParo3. Mindu
12/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy21. Santa Bir Tamang
27/9/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Pema Yangzom
12/9/2018ParoBKK-ChangmaiEconomy21. Sonam Jamtsho
4/10/2018ChangmaiBKK2. Sonam Deki


  1. All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked as “Quotation for Air Ticket” to the Imprest Administrator , EU-TCP, MoAF, Thimphu latest by 16/08/2018 at 11.00hrs A.M on or before and will be opened at 11.30 hrs. A.M on the same day.
  2. The rate should be quoted as per the sector specified and will be selected for the most economical route.
  3. Airline and seats must be confirmed while submitting the quotation and submit confirmed itineraries.
  4. The validation of fares and availability of seats should be as per the details mentioned above.
  5. The successful bidder should submit the photocopy of every air ticket along with their invoices for payment.
  6. Unconditional quotations like an increase of fares or changes of airlines at the time of travel are not accepted.
  7. Tender documents should contain copies of: (a) Valid trade license issued by Ministry of Economic Affairs, and (b) tax clearance certificate.
  8. Tenders should be accompanied with a lump sum amount of Nu. 20,000/-(Twenty Thousand only as earnest money deposit (EMD) in the form of draft/cash warrant issued in favor of the Imprest Administrator,EU-TCP, MoAF, Thimphu.
  9. The earnest money of Nu.20,000(Twenty Thousand)only, of the lowest evaluated bidder shall be retained with the ministry as performance security deposit and will be returned only after the delivery of the air tickets mentioned in the supply order for the above sector.
  10. In case the lowest bidder withdraws his/her bid then the second lowest bidder shall be asked to purchase and issue ticket(s) and the difference amount shall be borne by the lowest bidder.
  11. Quotation without EMD and without sealed envelope will be rejected.
  12. The purchaser reserves every right to reject the bids if it is found not responsive to our terms and conditions, and the decision of tender committee will be final.
  13. The sealed quotation should be addressed to Imprest Administrator, EU-TCP


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