Quarg Cheese Production: Innovation in dairy product diversification

Training on Quarg cheese production was conducted from 10-12 January for the Dzongkhag extension staffs of 12 gewogs and two plant workers of the Louten Om Detshen (LOD) at Yoghurt plant, Sarpang. Quarg cheese is an acid coagulated fresh unripened variety of cheese with high nutritional value.

The training was aimed to develop a new dairy product for display during the Southern Foothills Festival which was held from 16-18 January.

Participants were trained on the production process of Quarg cheese starting from milk reception, quality testing, production steps and storage of the final product. In addition, participants were also trained on the production of Rasgulla and flavoured yogurt.

It was organized by the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Sarpang with technical experts from the National Dairy Research and Development Center, Yusipang.

Following the capacity building, LOD plans to increase the production for marketing in and around Sarpang.

Submitted by National Dairy Research and Development Center, Yusipang

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