Public notification on feeding Monkeys

This is to notify the general public visiting monasteries, neys, going on treks and hiking and travelling on highways and roads are requested to kindly refrain from feeding monkeys along the way. For example, over the years the monkey population along the way to Tango and Chari has increased drastically as they get easy food from the visitors. This has resulted in increasing cases of conflict between monkeys and humans and also causing damages to Nangtens inside Tango and Chari Lhakhangs.

Feeding of monkeys adversely alters their natural behavior and makes them reliant on humans for food. Such monkeys get used to humans and often attack humans or show aggressive behaviour. There is also a high risk of disease transmission from monkey to human as well as from human to monkey while feeding. Similarly, poor waste management including disposal of religious Tormas and edible offerings have been increasingly attracting wildlife mainly bears. This is risking wildlife attacks on monks, visitors and workers in the locality.

Feeding of any wild animal is an offence under the Forest and Nature Conservation Rules and Regulations (FNCRR) of Bhutan 2017 and shall be liable for a fine of Nu.500 per occasion.


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