The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests would like to inform the general public that there is an outbreak of Avian Influenza, H5N1 (Bird Flu) at Alubari Wangkha under Bjabcho geog in Chukha dzongkhag.  Following the meeting of the National Incident Command Committee (NICC) members at MoAF conference hall on 17th October 2016, all the concerned agencies within the Government are instructed to activate the relevant Rapid Response Teams to implement control and preventive activities as prescribed in the National Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan (NIPPP) and respective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 2014.

The Ministry would also like to remind the general public not to get alarmed since the incidence is fully under control and required control measures are already put in place.  However, the Ministry will provide regular update to the general public on the new outbreak of HPAI through various media.

As such, the general public is requested to kindly extend full support and cooperation during the implementation of HPAI control activities.

Issued for strict compliance


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