Public Disclosure of ESMF and GAAP for Bhutan for Life Project


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to publicly disclose the Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and Gender Analysis and Action Plan (GAAP) for Bhutan for Life Project after receiving feedback from RGoB and WWF. This will be the basis for specifying the procedures and guidelines for assessing the potential environmental and social impacts of the financed sub-projects.


  1. ESMF full document (English) Please click to download
  2. ESMF full document (Dzongkha) Please click to download
  3. Gender Analysis and Action Plan (English) Please click to download

Note: Printed copy of the reports will be made available to the Park Management Offices and the Territorial Division Offices. These offices will make the documents available to the local communities.

For queries, please contact:

Pema Thinlay
BFL Program Coordinator
Policy and Planning Division
Phone: +975 323745


– WWF Bhutan Program

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