Proposal call to set up cottage/small-scale RNR enterprises

The Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC) invites proposals from aspiring registered Farmer Groups (FGs) and Co-operatives (Co-ops) to establish viable new Renewable Natural Resources (RNR) – based enterprises; that has the potential to grow, generate gainful employment and contribute to the national economy.

Financial support for the establishment of the enterprise is as follows:

  1. For cottage-scale enterprise (total investment not exceeding Nu.1 million), the cost sharing ratio will be 75:25 (75 % from the scheme and 25% by the beneficiary)
  2. For small-scale enterprise (total investment not exceeding Nu.10 million), the cost sharing ratio will be 20:80 (20 % will be borne from the scheme and 80% by the beneficiary, but scheme contribution not exceeding Nu.1 million)

The proposed RNR-based enterprise, under this scheme, should be formally registered as cottage or small scale entity with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, owned and managed by the FG or Co-op. The enterprise should use RNR (agricultural, livestock, dairy or non-wood forest products) produce as the main or important component in the manufacturing of the finished product.

The scheme will cover equipment or infrastructure that are vital to the enterprise, and will not cover the purchase of land/building/vehicles and construction of roads.

The proposals should be addressed to the Director General, DAMC, MoAF or PDF copy emailed to  on or before April 17, 2021.

Click here to download RFP in pdf

Click here to download sample application form



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