Procurement of papers and toner cartridges using central quotation of GPPMD

This is to inform that the Government Procurement and Property Management Division (GPPMD) under Ministry of Finance had coordinated the central tendering of papers and toner cartridges for printers/photocopiers/fax machines for 10 Ministries during the fiscal year 2017-18. Now the tenders for the above items were finalized and awarded to successful bidders.

As informed by the GPPMD, we are asked to follow the following procurements procedures for papers and toners during the FY 2017-18.

  1. The toner cartridges for printers/photocopiers/fax machines should be purchased through GPPMD, DNP, MoF, and Thimphu to ensure effective monitoring over quality of toners. The GPPMD intends to make bulk purchase of toner cartridges on half-yearly basis.

For which we have already requested concerned Heads of Departments/Agencies/Divisions in Thimphu vide our letter No.AFD/PRO/MoAF/20 dated 31/7/2017 to arrange to submit requisitions for 6 months (for 1st Half Year of FY 2017-18) for all the offices within the Dept/Agency/Division.

  1. The papers should be purchased within the Ministry as usual strictly following the quotation of GPPMD.

Therefore, we request all the offices under the Ministry to follow the above procurement procedures for purchase of papers and toner cartridges for the FY 2017-18.

The copies of the comparative statement for toners and papers of the GPPMD, DNP, MoF are attached herewith for reference and for budget management to purchase above central procurement items.

For any clarifications on purchase of above items could be sought from our Procurement officials: Mr. Karma Gyeltshen at 17624615 and Mr. Dorji Pelzang at 17511211.

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