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The Hon’ble Prime Minister will be making a 9-day visit to the United States of America from 15th to 24th March 2015 to raise awareness for the ‘Bhutan for Life’ initiative. The members of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s delegation include senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

Bhutan for Life is an initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and is a Project Finance for Permanence (PFP) mechanism to provide sustained flow of funds for the conservation and sustainable management of Bhutan’s protected areas and biological corridors, including the enhancement of sustainable economic opportunities and livelihood security for communities residing in parks. It aims to mobilize, in one single agreement, all governmental, financial and other commitments required to develop and maintain Bhutan’s protected area system over the long term. Given the immense potential of the protected areas to contribute to sustainable development of Bhutan, it is an opportune moment for the Royal Government to pursue this initiative and further consolidate the conservation legacy and achievements of Bhutan globally.

Hon’ble Prime Minister will be meeting potential partners and institutions for the Bhutan for Life initiative through events being hosted in New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C.  During the visit, the Hon’ble Prime Minister will be meeting with the President of the World Bank – Dr.Jim Yong Kim and officials of Bhutan’s long standing conservation partner – WWF.



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