Press release; Second Biennial HR Conference 2019 for the MoAF

The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is organizing a three day HR Conference in Samdrupjongkhar. The HR Conference which kick starts on 29 January 2019 is based on the theme for “enhancing decentralized HR functions by networking between the central agencies and field offices”. The HR Conference will be attended by 66 Adm. Assistants and focal Asset Declaration Administrator (ADA) of various central programmes and Divisions under the Ministry. It will be also sensitizing rules and regulations on BCSR.

Hon’ble Dasho Secretary during the opening address said that the role of the Adm. Asistant and the ADAs have become crucial and also commended for ensuring 100 percent Asset Declaration and compliance rate. He also mentioned that this HR conference will have far reaching effect in enhanceing effective delivery of hr functions by the various agencies.

In order to enhance team spirit and solidarity, the participants will be involved in a mass cleaning campaign in Samdrupjongkhar as part of preparation for the Royal Flower Exhibition. A three day HR Conference will conclude on 31 January 2019.


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