Livestock Conference 2017

Group photoInnovations for Sustainable and Resilient Livestock Enterprise Development in 12th FYP“ was the main theme for Department of Livestock (DoL) conference, which was held from 12th-17th June 2017 at Bumthang. This theme according to DoL is a step to address emerging and pragmatic issues, which affects the rural livelihood. Over 150 Livestock officials from Dzongkhags, Central Programs, Regional livestock Development Centres and Livestock Farms, and other Livestock development partners like Rural Enterprise Development Corporation Ltd. (REDCL), Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC), and Commercial Agriculture & Resilient Livelihoods Enhancement Programme (CARLEP) participated in the conference. The conference had two sessions:

  • Parallel Session (To set the ground for Formulating strategic Intervention for Livestock Development in 12th FYP) was chaired by Dr. Tashi Samdup, Director General, Department of Livestock.

  • Plenarily Session was chaired by Dasho Rinzin Dorji, Hon’ble Secretary Ministry of Agriculture and Forest. The conference agreed and adopted several lessons and suggestions which aimed to:
  1. To reconcile the lessons learnt from 11th FYP;
  2. To align and converge different stakeholders towards 12th FYP in setting the Key Result Areas and Indicators so as to synchronize the plans from Gewog to Dzongkhag to Central Level.
  • To contemplate on new innovations and strategies and policy requirement for enhanced Livestock Development for better pragmatic results in the 12th

During the conference, besides coming up with innovations for the 12th FYP, that aimed to amalgamate with the National Key Result Areas, the Department of Livestock also released ten strategic documents such as (i) Bhutan Journal of Animal Science, (ii)Research Implementation Guidelines,(iii)Standard Treatment Guidelines, (iv)National Rabies Prevention and Control Plan (v)Antibiotic Guidelines for Livestock in Bhutan, (vi)Handbook for Forage Production (vii) Bye-Laws for Dairy Farmers Group (viii) Training manual for Community AI technician (ix)Guide to Artificial Insemination in Dairy cows and (x) Guidelines for Dairy Value Chain Analysis.

These documents were developed in close consultation with all relevant stakeholders. The basic concept being pragmatic, innovative and implementable. Such an initiative is hoped, will be catalytic to put in place the wholesome and deliverable implementation strategies.


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