Peri-urban Mushroom Introduction in Mongar

A joint initiative of Geog Agriculture Extension, Researchers and Farmers

With farmers realising opportunities from mushroom cultivation, 27 farmers (20 Women and 7 Men) from 8 villages nearby Mongar town adopted Shitake Cultivation though a join initiative of Geog Agriculture Extension Office at Mongar, RDSC Khangma and Farmers. The geog extension coordinated and facilitated hands on training programs with Technical Assistance and equipments support from RDSC Khangma Mushroom Spawn Unit, RDC Wengkhar and farmers sharing cost for other materials, labour and collection of billets. A total of 4,330 billets have been inoculated recently.

With current market price of shitake mushrooms fetching Nu. 250 to Nu. 300 in the local market, the farmers will benefit from mushroom as an additional source of income in addition to fruits, vegetable and Tegma that they usually sell.

The Mushroom Spawn Unit at Khangma was established by the National Mushroom Centre and RDC Wengkhar in 2011 under South-South Cooperation mainly to enhance mushroom services in the six eastern Dzongkhags. Currently, the unit multiplies spawn for farmers and also provide Technical Assistance to farmers adopting mushroom cultivation.

Reported by:  Ugyen Tshering, AESI Mongar Geog

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