Pasture Renovation Program in Haa and Paro dzongkhags begins

Members of the Dairy Farmers’ Groups
Members of the Dairy Farmers’ Groups

8 May, Paro: The major renovation of degraded pastures are underway in Haa and Paro Dzongkhags as an effort towards promoting sustainable utilisation of existing pasture. The main objective of initiating the renovation program is to boost fodder production and attain fodder security to sustain dairy farming in the country. Forty-six members of dairy farmers’ groups from these two Dzongkhags are involved in renovating their degraded pasture. In total, about 20 acres of degraded pastureland will be renovated.

Although improved pasture development activities have been going on since a long time back, most of the existing pasture lands are in a deteriorated condition requiring major renovation because of poor management. This pasture renovation is very important to extend the productive life of pasture, improve pasture quality and increase pasture carrying capacity. Considering this draw back, dairy farmers are also being trained on pasture management and sustainable utilisation prior to the start of the renovation program.  With the completion of the renovation program, the concerned beneficiaries will be expected to maintain their pasture for a minimum period of five years as per the agreement to be signed with them.

The pasture renovation program is being implemented as per the resolution of the Annual Animal Nutrition workshop held last year and as a collaborative program among the National Research Centre for Animal Nutrition, Bumthang; Regional Livestock Development Centre (RLDC), Tsimasham; and the concerned Dzongkhag Livestock sectors. The same program will be replicated nationwide where there is a potential for sustainable dairy farming for the benefit of dairy farmers.


– Submitted by NRCAN Bumthang & RLDC Tsimasham



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