• Airfare Quotation: PBH, DEL, BKK, Idaho (USA) Return

    The National Biodiversity Centre, Serbithang, MoAF invites quotations for 2 pax either through Email (pemled12@gmail.com/sdema06@gmail.com) or Fax (02-251219) from authorised ticketing agents for the following sector as per the terms and conditions specified below:quoteTerms and Conditions:

    1. The bids shall be submitted to the National Biodiversity Centre, Serbithang, by 11 July 2014 on or before 2.00 PM.
    2. Bids should be addressed to the Program Director, NBC, Serbithang, MoAF, Thimphu.
    3. Bids should be sent via email at pemled12@gmail.com (Pema Leda) or sdema06@gmail.com (Sangay Dema) or Fax (02-351219)
    4. The quoted rate should be valid for at least two months.
    5. Quotations received after the submission dateline and time will not be entertained.
    6. The date of award is on 11 July 2014 at 3:00 PM.The decision of the Tender Committee will be final and binding.

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  • Video Programmes Available on the Web

    Various audio-visual productions including documentaries and musical videos produced by Information and Communication Services (ICS) and other agencies under the Ministry had been made available on the web. Please watch it by clicking on the “Media Library” tab on the navigation menu.

    Click Here to view the videos.

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  • YouTube video on the recent 14th ISE Congress held in Bumthang

    youtubeThe 14th International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE) Congress was organised by the Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment, Department of Forests and Park Services in the first week of June 2014. You can view the Deputy Minister of Culture and Heritage of Uganda and the Managing Director of ISE sharing their thoughts about the Congress and Bhutan in this documentary on YouTube:

    Please click here to view the YouTube Video.

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  • Technical Visit to MoAF by Malaysian Delegation

    The Delegation with Hon'ble MoAF Secretary
    The Delegation with Hon’ble MoAF Secretary

    July1-2, 2014, Thimphu: Seven member delegates from Malaysia representing the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity Law and Forest Resource Institute of Malaysia visited Bhutan’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forests from 1-2, July 2014. The visit was coordinated by the National Biodiversity Centre, Serbithang.

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  • New Bird and Otter species Sighted at Thrumshingla National Park

    Asian Small-Clawed Otter Aonyx cinerea- (1)
    Asian Small-Clawed Otter Aonyx cinerea- (1)

    Recently, the Central Park Range office located in Lingmethang sighted an Asian Small-clawed Otter or Oriental Small-clawed Otter (Aonyx cinerea) and Barred Buttonquail (Turnix suscitator) in the south-east of the park area. The smallest otter in the world Asian Small-clawed Otter under Mustelidae family is a new record thus making two Otter species for the park including Common Otter (Lutra lutra ). It is evaluated as “Vulnerable” under the Red List of Threatened species (IUCN, 2014) and Appendix II (CITES) due to habitat destruction and reduction in its prey-biomass owing to over exploitation and pollution (http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/44166/0) as reported from India.

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