• Radio program airing today and panel discussion tomorrow

    1. There will be an airing of radio program on ‘Vegetable production’ today ie. 30 June 2014 at 7.30 pm (BBS radio).
    1. There will be a panel discussion on ‘International Day of Cooperatives’ tomorrow i.e. 1 July 2014 after 6 pm news on BBS 1. The panelist will be from the Department of Agricultural and Marketing Cooperatives.


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  • Consultative Stakeholder Meeting for Riverine Fishery Program

    118-19 June, 2014, Samdrupcholing Dungkhag: The meeting started with a brief introduction by the Dzongkhag Livestock Officer on the purpose of the gathering for the stakeholders’ consultative meeting. He highlighted that this meeting was timely and needed to resolve many issues before the project began. He informed the floor that before planning any programs that are directly related to community concern, it is of utmost importance to understand the consensus and overall views of the beneficiaries. He also shared the information on the mandates of the National Centre for Riverine and Lake Fishery (NCRL), Haa, and successful programs elsewhere in the Bhutan.

    Dasho Dungpa also expressed to the floor on the programs and its contribution to the communities. Dasho also informed that Dungkhag administration has written concern to the Geog EAs and Gups to carry out the feasibility study and do the necessary ground works to expedite the programs. But it failed to be carried out as instructed which was why there was delay in proposing and getting the programs started as per the plan.

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  • Invitation of topics for SAP Literary Competition 2014

    As an annual School Agriculture Programme (SAP) activity jointly coordinated by CoRRB, MoAF and DSE, MoE, school children are encouraged to express their views and expression on the Agriculture sector through essays and posters. Therefore, we request any voluntary contribution of topics of concerns for:

    1. High school level (XI-XII)
    2. Middle SS level (IX-X)
    3. Lower SS (VI-VIII)
    4. Primary level (III-V)
    5. Pre-primary level (PP-II)
    6. For  Focal Agriculture Teachers (FATs)

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  • Applications invited for Postgraduate Study Fellowships

    Applications are invited for a One Health Epidemiology Fellowship Program being implemented in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh by Massey University, New Zealand. The Program is funded by the European Commission under the One Health Program in Asia.

    The program will be undertaken by six participants in each of the four participating countries (24 participants in total), comprising two public health, two animal health and two wildlife healthparticipants, beginning on 15 September 2014.

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