• Remote Rural Community Development Project for Rural Bhutanese in Haa

    haa121 February 2014, Sektena, Haa: A Nursery Raising cum Management Training was imparted to the Community Forest Management Group (CFMG) beneficiaries of 27 households which formed the members of Sektena CF in Sektena Chewog. The training was held from 21 February to 24 February. It was supported by the World Bank. It was a pure practical training.

    This second phase (2013-2014) of the RRCDP finally reached one of the remotest villages of Sektena under Gakiling geog in Haa District. It is officially a 3 day walk from the district headquarters in Haa. This project focuses on existing Community Forest Management Groups (CFMGs) on a cost sharing mechanism. The beneficiary contributions from the CFMGs are mostly in terms of labour contribution where it actually exceeds the amount contributed by the project.

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  • Bio-gas technology is simply a light in the darkness for Samdrup Jongkhar farmers

    ppp3-14 April, Samdrup Jongkhar: The Bhutan Bio-gas Project (BPP) under the Department of Livestock (DoL) in close collaboration with the Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag Administration initiated a twelve days training on Bio-gas installation. The training conducted at Orong geog was attended by twenty-four masons and ten livestock officials from eleven geogs.

    The main objectives were to promote and extend the bio-gas plants to the remotest part of the community by mobilizing the trained masons and supervisors in their respective geog centre.

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  • Training on Chinese Citrus Fruit Fly and Powdery Mildew Management in Tsirang

    fruit21-22 April, 2014, Tsirang: The National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC) in collaboration with the Dzongkhag Agriculture sector, Tsirang conducted a fruit fly area wide management and powdery mildew training in Kikorthang and Dunglagang geog on 21  and 22 April, 2014. The training program is in continuation of the program implemented by the NPPC as part of the ACIAR citrus project that is being implemented since 2013. The fruit fly program has focused on effective community mobilisation in the two geogs with implementation of management strategies like protein baiting and fruit drop collection. Farmers were trained on aspects related to fruit fly biology, management strategies like protein baiting and timely collection and destruction of dropped fruits. In addition, training on safe use of pesticides and spray equipments were also imparted. A total of 33 groups have been formed in these two geogs with 230 farmers participating in area wide fruit fly management program.

    Farmers were also trained on Powdery mildew and its management strategies. The disease management strategy using Sulphur dust to control this disease is being demonstrated in select orchards in these two geogs. The training program was also attended by the local leaders and the Citrus Coordinator from the Horticulture division.

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