• Inauguration of Changkhala Community Forest

    DSC006181 January, Lhuentse: His Excellence Hon’ble MoAF Lyonpo inaugurated the Changkhala Lhabshen Karmo Community Forests in Jarey gewog. The community forest covers an area of 155 acres covering two villages Changkhala and wayang with 17 households. The management plan for this community forest is for 10 years, starting from 2012.

    While talking to Jarey gup on initiation of the community forest, he basically highlighted on four topics. He said they felt the need of CF due to increasing illegal activity going on in the forest. Secondly he highlighted on the importance of sustainable harvesting of the timber. He said it was very important that they took care of the forestry products for its sustenance to the younger ones. He added that the maintenance of community forest will also ensure water catchment protection and the protection of ecosystem as a whole.

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  • Gortsum receives a Milk Processing Unit

    DSC005251 January, Lhuentse. Hon’ble MoAF Lyonpo inaugurated a Milk processing unit (MPU) at Gortsum, Metsho gewog. The MPU consist of 31 members, 24 from Gortsum and 7 from Tongthrom. The Milk processing unit is established in the Park’s house with support of equipments like CGI sheet and cement from MAGIP, RAMCO and NDDC.

    After the MPU inauguration, His Excellence granted audience to the people gathered. He encouraged the villagers to produce more milk. Hon’ble lyonpo stated “the MPU machine directly converts and separates the milk to butter and curd. There is no waste.” Further highlighting “I believe it will instead benefit you. There is no doubt for market place.” He stated that the produce to be bought by the farmer’s shop which will soon be established in every gewog. Lyonpo added “till now people were unable to generate income due to lack of market place despite the hard work. But, farmers shop will solve this issue.”

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  • Inauguration of Solar Fencing at Chatrong

    DSC006991 January, Lhuentse. Chatrong village saw the inauguration of 1 kilometer 700 meters length solar fencing by His Excellence Hon’ble MoAF lyonpo Yeshey Dorji. The circulated area is of about 25 acres of which 13 acre is cultivated. This demonstration of solar fencing with support from MAGIP is to benefit 13 households.

    While talking to Kezang Tshering, one of the beneficiary he said “the fencing not only helps ward off wild animals, it also helps us with the domestication of cattle and horses.” He also said since their village is surrounded by forest, they had to constantly interact with the wild animals. He said wild boar and monkeys to be the major destructor. Further, “till this date we have been able to collect only 50% of their crop.” Thus with inauguration of solar fencing he is confident that they will be able to collect 100% of their crop yield. The main crop they cultivate is maize.

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  • Inauguration of Kirana farm road construction

    DSC006861 January, Lhuentse. Hon’ble lyonpo Yeshey Dorji, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests inaugurated the eight kilometer Jarey to Kirana farm road. The farm road is to be constructed with the fund support from Small Development Project (SDP), Government of India. The farm road will benefit some twelve household in Jarey gewog.

    Previously the villagers had to walk around three hours from the road point. But having realized the importance of the farm road, they had put forward the proposal in the 11th Five Year Plan during the Gewog meeting. In the second year it was decided and the salang tendrel was held today.

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