• New sighting of Lapland Bunting at Dungzam, Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary

    Lapland Bunting sighted by on the log along the Kulung Chhu river basin
    Lapland Bunting sighted on the log along the Kulung Chhu river basin

    The Lapland Longspur/Lapland Bunting (Calcarrius lapponicus) is a robust bird, with a thick yellow seed-eater’s bill. During summer, male has a black head and throat, white eye stripe, chestnut nape, white underparts, and a heavily streaked black-grey back. Other plumages have a plainer orange-brown head, a browner back and chestnut nape and wing panels. IUCN Status: Least concerned.

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  • Why farmers should not grow a wheat variety, Sonalika

    Sonalika wheat varity
    Sonalika wheat varity

    Sonalika was developed in a north Mexico state called Sonora (from where its name originated) in 1960s by International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). After the introduction, the variety became so popular and widely adapted in South Asia due to its short stauterness and responsive to fertilizer that boosted the wheat production, and prevented millions of people from hunger. Due to its contribution, it is considered as one of the green revolution varieties. In India, it was released in 1971.

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  • Food Handlers Licenses to Street Food vendors in Thimphu

    Opening Remarks by Hon'ble Lyonpo
    Opening Remarks by Hon’ble Lyonpo

    16 May, Thimphu. His Excellency Hon’ble  MoAF Lyonpo awarded food handlers licenses to 42 street food vendors out of more than 200 trained food handlers during last two weeks by Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority(BAFRA), Ministry of Agriculture and Forest to motivate street food vendors to comply  with good food hygiene and manufacturing practices.

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  • The three days RNR CCAP- write shop for development of Climate SMART Indicators

    Participants attending RNR CCAP-write shop
    Participants attending RNR CCAP-write shop

    14-16 May, Paro. The officials from Deparment of Agriculture (DoA), Department of Forest and Park Services (DoFPS), Department of Livestock (DoL), Department of Agriculture Marketing and Cooperatives (DAMC), Gross National Happiness Commission Secretariat (GNHCS), Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA), National Biodiversity Center (NBC), Information and Communication Services (ICS) and Policy and Planning Division (PPD) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest attended the three days RNR CCAP  write shop for the development of Climate SMART indictors organized by RNR CCAP Program Coordination Unit of CORRB in Paro.

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  • Panel Discussion on Bio-Gas

    There will be a Panel Discussionon ‘Bio-gas’ on BBS Channel 1 right after 6.00 pm news on 21/5/2014 (Wednesday)

    The panelists will be from Bhutan Bio-gas project, DoL.

    Everyone is encouraged to watch and take part


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