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    This issue covers the following content:

    1. Aum Yangzom’s rendezvous with the wild animals
    2. Tips for Piglets transportation and acclimatisation
    3. Citrus to provide income for Silambi and Gondue people
    4. Farmers in Woolikthang and Tokari takes up upland Rice

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  • Piggery Co-operative shop at Gelephu

    Members display their products
    Members display their products

    August 6 2015, Gelephu. The Sarpang Yarkey Piggery Co-operatives (SYPC) opened a new piggery co-operative shop at Gelephu market. It is intended to make local pork available in the commercial hub. The shop is the second sale-outlet for the group.  This outlet will cater for both the whole-sale and the retail of pork and fish produced by its Co-operative members at a competitive price. Currently SYPC has 55 members who are involved in piggery and fishery activities.

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  • Turkey Farming in Tsirang Dzongkhag

    Untitled31 July 2015, Tsirang: Under the directives of Department of Livestock, the National Poultry Development Centre in close collaboration with Tsirang Dzongkhag has launched turkey farming (backyard level) activity in the Dzongkhag on 31 July, 2015. Before launching turkey farming activities in the Dzongkhag, the farmers were trained on basic skills in general management of turkey birds (feeding, health care and management of the day to day farm operation).

    Of the total 64 farmers that took part in training program, 48 farmers turned out to pursue turkey farming and accordingly the farmers were provided with support packages for construction of shed (CGI sheet, cement and feeder and drinkers) for five number of birds/farm. The farmers were then supplied with two male and three female turkey poults, through which the farmers are expected to breed naturally in their farms like the native bird once it starts laying. The main objective of launching turkey farming activities is to provide the farmers an alternative source of income generation and also as source of family nutrition; further to provide self employment and to uplift rural livelihood.

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  • Announcement

    This is to inform that Royal Civil Service Commission, vide letter no. RCSC/HRMD/26/2015/346 dated 3rd August 2015, has directed the Ministry to provide Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Turn Around Times (TATs) for Departments/Divisions/Regional /Field Offices/Units including RNR Extension Offices in the Dzongkhags. The SOPs and TATs will contain the list of core activities/procedures that the Departments/Divisions/Regional /Field Offices/Units carry out while delivering services and TATs will be against each core activity. The SOPs and TATs are intended by RCSC as one of the ways to vet the staffing requirement.

    In this regard, the departments/agencies are hereby requested to develop SOPs and TATs of respective Departments/Divisions/Regional /Field Offices/Units including the RNR Extension Offices in the Dzongkhags and mandatorily submit to HRD latest by 10th August 2015, for further submission to RCSC.

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