• Workshop on Assessing Economic Benefits of Sustainable Land Management Practices in Bhutan

    the participants of the workshop
    the participants of the workshop

    18 March, Thimphu: The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) has always accorded continued importance to the sustainable land management (SLM) in the country. However, increasing land degradation problem caused by both the natural disasters and human activities like unsustainable agricultural practices including improper irrigation, water management, cultivation on steep slopes without any measures, forest fire, overgrazing, infrastructure development, urbanization, mining, etc. has become a concern for the National Soil Services Centre (NSSC), Department of Agriculture (DoA) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

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  • Vacancy Announcement

    The Human Resource Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the following vacancies for the following posts:



    Department/Division Position    Title PL/SL Minimum Qualification Required No. of Post Remarks
    1 Department of Agricultural Marketing & Cooperatives (Cooperatives development division) Chief Marketing Officer P1 A Bachelors Degree with

    Business Management, Marketing Systems, Marketing

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  • NOTIFICATION: Promotion Proposals for July 2014

    This is for information to all civil servants under Ministry of Agriculture and Forests that the promotion proposals for July 2014 (EX/ES, Meritorious, Fast Track and Broad-banded) must be submitted to the Ministry latest by 25th April, 2014.  The Human Resource Division of this Ministry shall not accept the proposals after this deadline under any circumstances unless genuinely observed by the appropriate authority concerned.

    A civil servant with minimum of 2-year diploma qualification, entered in Position Level, S2/S1 in the Civil Service shall be eligible to progress to the highest level of position P3 in the Diploma Career track as notified earlier.

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