• Seventy seven new graduates join RNR Sector

    The new graduates with Hon'ble Lyonpo and senior officialsJanuary 22, Thimphu: Seventy seven new graduates joined the RNR Sector this year. Out of 77, two has been placed under the Directorate Services, one in RDTC, 28 in DoA, 20 in DoFPS, 24 in DoL and two in BAFRA.

    Prior to the joining, the graduates attended an orientation program from January 10-12. Besides introduction to the cultural and organisational values, the graduates were briefed on the Ministry’s overall vision, mission, mandates, plans, policies and issues under the various Departments and Agencies.

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  • Enhance basic IT skill for Non-Technical Staffs under Ministry of Agriculture & Forests

    DITT has identified three mandatory APA for Ministry through GPMD. As such, enhancing basic IT skills for Non ICT officials (PA, Messenger and Adm. Asst) through comprehensive training is one of them. The main objective of such training is to reduce turnaround time of providing basic troubleshooting services by the ICT professionals and use the time to develop and enhance systems for better service delivery. In this regard, ICTD, MoAF is mandated to undertake the above mentioned task as a part of basic responsibilities for effective service delivery. Accordingly , the training will cover the following topics:

    1.           Basic and common troubleshooting
    2.           Printer operation
    3.           Projector operation
    4.           Photocopy machine operation

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  • Shortlisted candidates announcement

    As per the announcement made in MoAF website dated 2nd November, 2017, the National Animal Hospital, Chubachu is pleased to announce the short-listed candidates for the post of Night Guard (ESP) as per the details mentioned below:

    The following documents must be produced in original during the time of interview:

    1. Duly filled in Employment Application Form
    2. Valid Medical Fitness Certificate original
    3. Valid Approved status report- Security Clearance
    4. Other Certificate of Experiences/ Excellence if any,
    5. Please mention your other requirements also if any.

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  • Executive order

    In-line with the directives from the Royal Government of Bhutan and further as per the recommendation of Organizational Development (OD) Exercise conducted by RCSC, Information and Communication Services (ICS) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is now renamed as Information & Communication Technology Division (ICTD). ICTD under the Directorate Services shall cater to the following support services:

    • Provide coherent view of ICT within Ministry
    • Coordinate, identify and prioritize ICT initiatives within Ministry that support its mission and vision
    • Responsible for ICT planning and budgeting for the Ministry
    • Ensure effective ICT governance within Ministry
    • Set policies and standards for the use of ICT in the Ministry;
    • Ensure greater integration of data/information across the Ministry (including with regional offices)
    • Ensure better connectivity/sharing of information with other agencies
    • Ensure quality delivery of ICT systems
    • Design, develop and publish IEC materials to promote RNR activities
    • Provide media coverage on RNR events for wider dissemination and archive for future reference
    • Focal point for Dzongkha related activities
    • Liaise with external media agencies on media request, press release and outsourcing.

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  • Invitation for bids

    The Divisional Forest Office, Samdrup Jongkhar invites bids for the following works detailed in the table. The bidders may submit bids for any or all of the following works, for the package or for any of the slices for Limited Tendering.

    1. Interested eligible bidders may download a completed set of bidding documents below. Electronic bidding shall not be permitted.
    2. Bids must be delivered to the Divisional Forest Office on above mentioned date and time.
    3. Bids must be accompanied by a bid security of fixed amount.
    4. Interested bidders must visit the site to familiarize the site condition prior to filling of the bids.
    5. Participating in other’s license shall not be entertained.

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