• DoA Director visits water wasabi adaptation research site

    15th February 2020: Director, Department of Agriculture (DoA) accompanied by the Offtg. Program Director of Agriculture Research and Development Centre (ARDC) Yusipang and other relevant officials visited Water wasabi adaptation trial at Tendrelthang under Chang geog, Thimphu Dzongkhag. The main objective of the visit was to investigate the current status, interact with the officials involved in the research, discuss issues and provide advisories. The Director expressed the need for Research Centers in Bhutan to innovate such technologies which can later be promoted as an agriculture enterprise; an enterprise with the potential to earn foreign exchange and employ youths productively.

    The water wasabi adaptation trial was initiated as collaborative research between the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan and one of the Japanese farmers from Shizouka, Nagoya Prefecture, Northern Japan in the year 2017. Initially, a small scale research trial with just 20 numbers of wasabi plantlets was established at Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) Office under ARDC, Yusiapng. This trial was however not successful due to unreliable and limited water source. In September 2018, the bigger scale trial with about 200 plantlets was established at Tendrelgang Community Forest under Chang Geog where there is reliable perennial spring water.

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  • Bhutan: A Pioneer in Mahseer Conservation

    Bhutan has a rich aquatic biodiversity and Mahseers is one of the largest fish which reins our  aquatic ecosystems.Two Mahseer species are found in Bhutan’s major river; Golden Mahseer (Tor putitora) which is listed as Endangered in IUCN Red list and the near threatened Chocolate Mahseer (Neolissochilush exagonolepsis).

    Golden Mahseer are considered one of the majestic of all fish species found in the fresh waters of South Asia and in Bhutan, it is revered as one of the eight lucky signs, Sernya: The Golden Fish. Golden mahseer is listed as a Schedule I species in the Forests and Nature Conservation Act 1995. Yet, illegal fishing is still a concern. Efforts have been put in by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests for Mahseer research and conservation works in Bhutan and our works are being applauded by the conservationists across the world. Continue reading  Post ID 12115

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  • Awareness program on potential of Yak-based enterprise

    The officials from the National Dairy Research and Development Centre (NDRDC), Yusipang and the Regional Livestock Development Centre (RLDC), Tshimasham carried out a sensitisation program for the yak herders and livestock officials of Haa and Paro from 2 to 7 February. They created awareness on different opportunities in yak farming and importance of establishing yak cooperatives with funds from the Resilient Mountain Solutions (RMS), ICIMOD.

    The livestock officials who availed study visits to ANAND, Gujarat in India through RMS funds from 15-23 December 2019 shared their knowledge and experiences to take forward the existing groups and cooperatives to a federation level.

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